John Denham MP stands up for local DJ venues

Itchen MP John Denham has acted on local concern that higher tariff charges on music royalties may lead to some of Southampton’s most popular music venues to close.

John wrote to the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) on this issue.  Following John’s representations to the PPL, they have promised no increases in tariff fees for the next 12 months.  Nonetheless, constructive dialogue is essential if the PPL are to support local businesses facing difficult times.

The PPL is in charge of granting copyright licenses to music venues on behalf of record companies and artists.  They are currently consulting on introducing higher tariffs to licensees for ‘Specifically Featured Entertainment’, which are events with a DJ set and dancing, such as at nightclubs and discos.

In the current economic climate, many local businesses have written to John raising concerns about the negative impact this may have on their businesses.  Higher tariffs may lead to businesses passing on these increases on to the consumer through refreshment and entry fees, further damaging an industry already in some decline.

John said:

“I’m pleased the PPL have promised not to enforce high fees on businesses for the next twelve months and are promising dialogue.  Local DJ venues in the city, such as The Brook, are still hugely popular despite these tough economic times.  I’m concerned that high tariffs imposed on these businesses could lead to their closure, which would be a great shame.”

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