Response to the industrial action, 30th November 2011

Yesterday John Denham commented on the industrial action taking place:

I’ve got huge sympathy for those people whose lives are being disrupted today. But I know the staff who have closed schools today – including my own son’s school – are the same people that we, as parents trust and value, day in day out, to give our children school dinners, keep them safe in the playground, and teach them well.  The health workers are the same people who have looked after me and my family when we’ve had accidents or been unwell. So I know you wouldn’t have taken this action if you didn’t feel you have been put in an impossible position.

Put in an impossible position by a government that has refused to negotiate properly, and has imposed a 3% tax rise on some of the lowest paid workers in the country. There will have to be changes as we all live longer, but instead of negotiating properly, the government has just been ramping up the rhetoric.  So whether people have had to finds ways to manage today, or whether they’re taking industrial action,  it’s the government’s  failure that has led to  the strikes today; just as it’s the failure of their economic policies which is hitting every family in the country.

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