John backs call for more protection for people with dementia in Southampton

John Denham MP backs Alzheimer’s Society call for better protection for people with dementia.

Alzheimer’s Society has confirmed that people with dementia in Hampshire are being short changed out of £2,293,300 and must be better protected.

The charity estimates that up to 2698 (15 per cent) people with dementia in Hampshire have been victims of financial abuse such as cold calling, scam mail, or mis-selling.  Its new report ‘Short changed: Protecting people with dementia from financial abuse’, today calls for people with the condition to be better protected.

The report has been supported by financial expert Martin Lewis, and calls on Trading Standards and banks to help put a stop to this by appointing ‘dementia champions’. These champions would help increase awareness about the condition, and spearhead better working with other local organisations. The charity also wants local authorities to safeguard funding for Trading Standards in a climate of cuts.

John Denham supports this report’s recommendations for creating greater awareness of this problem in Southampton.

Mr Denham said:

“We know there’s a problem with illegal and legal loan sharks in Southampton, especially in the Thornhill, Harefield and Townhill estates in my constituency.  If banks and Trading Standards can take on a more pro-active role in protecting people with dementia, that can only be a good thing.”

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