Liam Byrne’s call for welfare that supports and rewards working families hits right note for Southampton

Liam Byrne’s article in Monday’s edition of The Guardian on welform reform is well-worth reading – his call for supporting and rewarding working families hits the right note for Southampton.

Liam is Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Labour MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill.

Here is a snippet, but do read the whole article by clicking on the link below:

The Tories wanted to trim and delay the Beveridge Report in 1942. Today, they are presiding over an exploding welfare bill while cutting back on contributory benefits and services like childcare – vital, if we are to ensure the rhetoric on making work pay becomes a reality. And they are axing tax credits for working families just as the squeeze on living standards intensifies. As Ed Miliband has said, tough times expose your values, and Labour is clear: we are on the side of people who work hard and do the right thing.

But Labour won’t win on welfare reform by default. Seventy years on from Beveridge, we are reclaiming his vision, learning from his political courage, understanding what has gone wrong in recent years as well as what has worked. Britain is a very different country to 70 years ago. That’s why social security has to change. But in rethinking the future, Beveridge’s first principles are the right place to begin.

The whole article can be found by clicking here.

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