Water Bills increase as Council and Southern Water waste public money

Local Labour MP John Denham has reacted angrily to the 8.2% hike in water bills by Southern Water, the highest increase in the country.  He’s accused Southern Water and the City Council of wasting money and driving up bills.

Warning that many families will struggle to meet the new charges he said that it is particularly galling that Southern Water has to spend £500,000 on replacing a sewage pipe in the Sholing Greenway, without recovering the costs from those responsible for the damage.

Mr Denham said:

“If the Tory City Council had not ignored warnings about illegal fly tipping in Sholing the damage could have been prevented. And once it had been damaged, neither the Council nor Southern Water have recovered any money from those responsible.

“I told the City Council about the fly-tipping three years ago, before the damage had been done. I know local residents had raised the issue even earlier. Nothing was done to stop the tipping. Nothing was done to collect evidence against those responsible.

“Of course, this isn’t the only reason bills are going up, but people will ask how much other avoidable waste is being stuck on their bills”.

Southern Water have confirmed to Mr Denham that part of the reason for the increases on their prices is because they need to improve the broken sewer system with the installation of a new section of sewer along the route of the footpath in Shoreburs Greenway to replace the two existing pipes.  Work is currently taking place, as users of South East Road and local residents in the Botany Bay Road area will know.

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