‘Substandard Care in Southampton’: John releases his Care Homes dossier

John Denham, MP for Southampton Itchen, has today released publicly his dossier on substandard care in Southampton.

At a time when the City Council is proposing to cut the budget for adult social care and health by £3.25m it is clear that the city faces a huge challenge to ensure that elderly people can enjoy care which offers dignity, independence and security.

In the past year too many homes have posed unacceptable levels of risk and provided a substandard service.

29 of the 65 care homes in Southampton have been inspected by the CQC in the last 12 months. Over a third (11) received critical reports.

John’s report into substandard care in Southampton identifies the City Council’s legal responsibilities over care homes, in addition to the huge cuts to be made to adult social care in today’s budget session.  John believes the City Council should review the scale of its cuts to adault social care, as well as making assurances that things won’t get worse.

You can read Mr Denham’s report by clicking here: ‘Substandard Care in Southampton’ by Rt Hon John Denham MP

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