Tories turn their back on Southampton’s children

Research shows Southampton gains very little from the Liberal Democrat’s ‘pupil premium’, despite having one of the highest rates of child poverty in England.

While additional money being given to support pupils from more deprived backgrounds is welcome, today Labour’s John Denham MP highlights real concerns that poorer areas are losing out at the expense of other areas.

The increase in payments for the second year of the scheme provides us with interesting analysis.

For example, Hampshire gets a 103% increase with 13% of children in poverty in the area.  West Sussex, which has 14% of its children in poverty, receives a 100% increase.

Southampton has 28% of its children in poverty, yet has only received a 77% increase.


Mr Denham said:

“The Tories in Southampton and their Government nationally fail to deliver for our children in this city.  The pupil premium – a Liberal Democrat proposal – has already faced some criticism about whether the money is going to the right places.  It should be disadvantaged children who benefit, but these figures suggest that areas with high child poverty rates are not being prioritised.

“It just doesn’t make sense.  Southampton has one of the highest child poverty rates in England.  I fear the Tories and Liberal Democrats have turned their backs on Southampton’s children.”

  1. All statistics are taken from research by Labour MP David Lammy, available here:
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