314 officers cut in Hampshire

Hampshire has seen one of the country’s biggest decreases in police officer numbers since the Tory-led Government came to power.

Labour MP John Denham is calling on the Government to change course  after today’s figures show the Police numbers have fallen to the lowest for nearly a decade, including the loss of 314 in Hampshire since March 2010.

The figures show that there are now nearly 10,000 fewer officers on the streets nationwide, with the majority of the officers lost coming from 999, neighbourhood and traffic response units – the officers we rely on in an emergency.

Labour is calling for the Government to change course and implement a proper plan to cut crime, not just police officers.

John Denham MP said:

“People from Hampshire want to see police on their streets, but these figures show the Tory-led Government’s cuts mean 314 already lost from our local communities, with more cuts to come.

“I will be working alongside my colleague Jacqui Rayment, the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, because I will not leave communities with Tory PCC candidates who will only be cheerleaders for cutting more of our police officers.”

Jacqui Rayment, Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight said:

“Crime fell by 43 per cent with Labour according to the British Crime Survey. The same survey shows this progress has ground to a halt under the Tory-led Government during which time we now know they have cut nearly 10,000 officers.

“We need real change from this Government to make our streets in Hampshire safer. Prioritising neighbourhood policing, taking anti-social behaviour seriously, tackling the causes of crime with police and local authorities working together, ensuring no privatisation of core policing, and building strong communities with respect to all and responsibility by all.”

 Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, responding to the news that police officer numbers in England and Wales have fallen to their lowest level in nine years, said:

“The Tory-led Government has cut nearly 10,000 police officers from communities across the country. And we know that substantially more than half are from 999, neighbourhood and traffic response – the officers we rely on in an emergency.

“These figures show the cuts to the police are deeper and faster even than experts predicted. David Cameron’s promise to protect the front line has been ripped apart by these appalling figures. In just two years the Government has taken police numbers back by nearly a decade, weakened police powers, undermined morale and reduced crime prevention. Theresa May has no strategy to cut crime, only to cut police.”


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