The closure of British Gas call centre in Southampton

Following the sad news about the closure of the British Gas call centre in Southampton, this week it has been annouced that a redundancy package has been agreed between staff, unions and British Gas.

While it is unfortunate that jobs are being lost, it is good that further training has been offered by British Gas so that employees can find new jobs.

Here is the letter John recieved from Ian Peters at British Gas:

Dear John
As you will recall from our recent meeting, British Gas has been holding a consultation for the closure of our Southampton call centre. This consultation has now come to an end and I wanted to share with you the outcome.
Throughout this consultation we have worked closely with local authorities, the GMB and Unison, and Job Centre Plus to provide our staff with wide ranging support during this difficult time. This included a jobs and training fair with 18 local employers with live job opportunities, Colleges offering further training and financial advisors. We further offered staff specialist services including CV and career advice, as well as widely advertising employment opportunities, both from within British Gas and the wider local area.
As a result of this collaborative work we have been able to reduce the number of planned redundancies to 440, which is 110 roles fewer than originally announced to be under review. Many of these roles, 50, will be transferring to our Chandlers Ford site. For those remaining staff, we will continue to work hard to support all those impacted by this decision and to investigate redeployment and alternative employment opportunities.
I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with me and the efforts you have made to support your constituents who work at the site. Please do contact me if you have any further questions which of course I would be happy to answer.
Kind regards
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