Poor sleeping arrangements for Hampshire Tigers at the Olympics

In today’s Daily Echo, there is a report on the sleeping arrangements for Hampshire Tigers troops.  They were sent to help with security at the London 2012 Olympics following its poor handling.

John says:

“I know the Hampshire Tigers will do a great job and we must remember they have had their leave cancelled while they make sure London 2012 is a safe and secure games. If there are any questions about the conditions they are working in, these should be dealt with straightaway. It would be completely unacceptable for our soldiers not to have decent accommodation.

“The Olympics are a once in a lifetime experience for everyone involved, athletes and spectators alike.  Our troops were brought it at the last minute to do an important job, following the shambolic way the existing security agreement with G4S was undertaken.

“I also hope that Parliament will take a look into Olympic security once the games are over”

You can read more about this issue, and more from John, on the Daily Echo website.

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