Southampton’s Remploy has now closed

John Denham has expressed his sadness following the closure of Remploy in Southampton.

Remploy in Southampton has now closed as a business.  John Denham believes this is a needless waste of great talent and potential.

Unfortunately the Government’s rules meant Remploy in Southampton were not given even half a chance of putting a business case together.

Remploy’s employees in Southampton have been let down by the Tory-led Government. Quite simply, closing Remploy factories is the wrong plan at the wrong time. Unemployment is going through the roof.  Back to work schemes are sinking under the weight of spiralling unemployment.  And the government thinks this is a good time to sack disabled workers.  The consultation on Remploy was a shambles .

This Government’s treatment of the thousands of Remploy workers has been nothing short of a disgrace. Iain Duncan Smith has insulted factory staff telling them they don’t do any work and then comprehensively changed the rules of the hunt for potential new owners.

John Denham says:

“It’s very sad that Southampton’s Remploy has now closed.  I visited the factory a few months ago and saw the talent and potential of its employees.  It is such a needless waste for the Conservative-led Government to close Remploy in Southampton.

“I hope Remploy’s employees are given the support they need to find new work”

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