John Denham MP responds to Ford closure announcement

John Denham, Labour MP for Southampton Itchen today condemned Ford’s decision to close Southampton’s transit factory.

John Denham said:

For years the Southampton built transit has been the workhorse of British business. White van man drives a transit.  Now white van man will only be able to buy a transit from Turkey.

He said “the local workforce have been let down by Ford. While other companies like BMW, Nissan, Toyota and JLR have been building up vehicle assembly in Britain, Ford have taken a series of strategic decisions to move their assembly out of Britain and even out of Europe.”

John said he would be asking Ministers how many meetings they had had with Ford to discuss this decision and what efforts they had made to persuade the company to change their minds.

He also called on the Government and the City and County Councils to set up a Taskforce to help those who would lose their jobs at Ford and the many other businesses who will be affected.

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