Challenging the “complacent” Health Secretary on A+E waiting times

Jeremy Hunt is being complacent about A+E waiting times Labour MP for Southampton tells the Tory-led Government to stop being complacent and to deal with Southampton A+E’s increasing waiting times.

Research by Mr Denham’s office has found:

  • University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust has missed the 95% target in 28 of the 30 weeks.
  •  In the week of 7th April, this was down to just 60%. 6947 people have waited for more than 4 hours in this time.
  • This is an average of 232 a week.

This comes as staffing shortages across the NHS have left A&E departments over-stretched and under severe pressure, with reports of ambulances queuing outside and patients left on trolleys for hours on end.

David Cameron promised the NHS would be safe on his watch but instead his Government has haemorrhaged thousands of nurses and did nothing whilst A&Es struggled through the winter.

John said:

“In the last 30 weeks, Southampton General Hospital missed its 95% target in 28 weeks. On the week of the 7th April the 4 hour target was met for only 6 out of every ten patients – an average of 232 patients every week have waited more than four hours.

“It’s clear this is a crisis of the whole system, right through to discharge into social care. This was made far worse by the unnecessary upheavals in management that his Tory-led government has imposed.

“As Jeremy Hunt’s own advisors have praised local primary care for their efforts to avoid hospital admissions, will he stop trying to blame one set of doctors for a crisis made in his department?”

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