Labour is taking action on zero hours contracts

The number of workers on zero hours contracts is likely double the official estimate.

Employers are increasingly turning to zero hours contracts. The recent ONS estimate for the end of 2013 puts the number at around 583,000 nationally, more than double the official estimate of 250,000.

Here in Southampton we’re having a Fair Employment Fortnight to highlight Southampton’s working families who are working hard but still struggling on low incomes, many of whom are on zero hours contracts.

When you’re on a zero hours contract you face uncertainty every week on how you will be able to pay for your bills, rent, and even food.

Labour would:

  • Ban zero hours contracts which also require you to work exclusively for one business.
  • Stop contracts where you have to be on call all day without a guarantee of work.
  • Clamp down on the use of zero hours contracts for employees who are doing regular hours.

Labour MP Alison McGovern also managed to secure a debate on zero hours contracts for the 19th March Budget Debate. Our economic recovery has to be for the many, not for the few.

Thanks to UNISON for the above information.

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